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The course covers the design of the upstairs of a residential property and focuses on bedroom and bathroom design . At the end of the course students will demonstrate an ability of compiling a client brief and sourcing inspiration as well as creating a design concept for a house refurbishment project. Learners will be able to analyse materials and finishes for the residential market. Students will also gain the product knowledge of textiles and develop an understanding of technical specification of different fabric materials. You will also explore the different types of textile patterns and colours.

You will learn:

The basic rules of designing upstairs floor layout

How to create functional and beautiful upstairs layout

Plan a new furniture layout for upstairs

Product knowledge of different fabrics

Textile patterns and colours

How to design bedrooms and bathrooms

How to manage the project and schedule the trades, contractors

How to order correct quantities

Working with a budget

3 weeks course

Please email to for any questions and booking.



Unit 11, The 1929 Shop

Merton Abbey Mills

Watermill Way 

London SW19 2RD

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